Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Summer is here full swing. Been playing some fun shows ..just did one with Bro Jt at Barracuda and Baby Robots , Model Zero. It was a blast! Been busy writing and making oil painting. running my art gallery on the weekends too!  GOLIAD RECORDS is putting out my next album this October. They are a rad label out of Denton. They just put out Scott Danbom's first solo album! (Centromatic alumni)
Ill be hooking up with Timmy's Organism for some dates starting Halloween.
BURGER RECORDs is putting out the tape!
the name of the album is     CUCKOO BIRD SINGS A SONG made in Milwaukee with the members of JAILL.   NYC and some West Coast dates in the works.. looking for booking agent. Ok more info soon peace everyone-jwc

oil painting. self portrait 2017

John Wesley Coleman Band History
"The Unknown" -was lead guitar player in this Junior High band into freshman year of High school. my brother named the band. neighborhood friend TJ Broscoff & I started band. from South Irving ,Tx. 89-1991.
"Malpractice" -talent show high school band. Wrote my my first song that I sang in front of people in 1991.
"Grasshopper"-was my first efforts to front a band. 1992-1995.  did a recording with Steve Barnett from the Baboon.
"The Antiques"-more punkish band. 1996 to 1998. made some tapes, a seven incher and went to the west coast. Played Gillman Street punk club in Berkley that year. its listed in their book. 
1999 started using my full name as a performer and started doing open mics and playing shows with different people.  
Moved to Denton fall of '99. 
Played bass with noise punk act Crucifix Trio.  Christian Lee Buss on drums/keys & Jonathan Graham on keys/guitar played some shows with Vietnam, Flux Information Sciences & Jet Screamer etc..
Started a steady band for a while with Andy Cox, Justin Sauer, and Micah Goldfarb. 
Moved to Austin in 2003 and started playing with James Arthur & Matthew Hoopengardner . "he was in White Heat at the time." this was the notorious Canyon lake sessions. Nathan Arbeitman joined shortly later. And then eventually got a bass player my buddy Bryan Schmitz. Patrick Troxel replaced James Arthur on drums and then Patrick Travis replaced Troxel. 
Four Tracking In Hell With The Ripple -cd PYRAMID SCHEME RECORDS 2003 "mixed by James Eck Rippie"
Heart Shape For The Country-John Wesley Coleman & Andy L. Cox -"Denton full length produced by Chris Flemmons" 2001-2003. "unreleased". Justin Sauer on drums,Micah Goldfarb-bass, Jeff Cox-pedal steel, Aaron White-pedal steel. Corn Mo plays organ. 
Cash Flow- cd CADCO RECORDS 2004  "half recorded on four track/other half at Sweatbox Studios". by Mike Vasquez. *Daniel Wilkes paid for this. Johnny Mac on drums.
American Trashcan -cd/book MONOFONUS PRESS. 2007  collection of different recordings from 1999 to 2005.   *live tracks recorded at Rubber Gloves with Will Johnson on drums. 
Steal My Mind -lp CERTIFIED PR 2009.    *recorded by Skyler McGlothlin & Dustin Coffey at Laguna studios.
Steal My Mind . 2009 * Goner Records purchased the rights to this album for reissue.
Bad Lady Goes To Jail -cd/lp GONER RECORDS 2010  "produced by Orville B. Neeley III"
Little Miss Keith Richards- lp DAGGERMAN RECORDS 2011  "produced by Legendary Dean Beadles"
Personality Pancake -EP split 12inch record with Austin band "Followed By Static". On Italian record label WAY OUT THERE RECORDS 2011. recorded by "Legendary Dean Beadles".
Trans Am Summer Blues -lp TIC TAC TOTALLY 2012-2013.  "produced by Mike Vasquez"
Nightmare On Silly Street -lp  MONOFONUS PRESS 2012. "produced by Morgan Coy"
The Last Donkey Show -lp/cd GONER RECORDS 2012   "produced by Greg Ashley"
Love That You Own-- lp/cd/tape - BURGER RECORDS. 2013-2014. "produced by Louie Lino"
Greatest Hits  -Lp/Cd/Internet- -SUPER SECRET RECORDS -2015 "produced by Doug Walseth "
MICROWAVE DREAMS-LP/CD-SUPER SECRET RECORDS-Greg Ashley, Louie Lino, Aaron Blount, Dean Beadles, Andrew McCalla- 2017
Cuckoo Bird Sings A Song- Lp 2018 Goliad produced by JAILL
with the / The Golden Boys
Scorpion Stomp #2 -cd    HOOK OR CROOK 2004 
Scorpion Stomp #2 -lp     PERPETRATOR. "New Zealand label" 2004  *remixed by Ray Pride of The Crack Pipes.
Whiskey Flower -cd         EMPOROR JONES  2005 
Whiskey Flower-cd/lp      ALIEN SNATCH RECORDS 2009 "German label'
Goodbye Country -cd/lp   MONOFONUS PRESS 2007  "Tim Kerr did the cover artwork"
I Smell Gold-cd/ep          MONOFONUS PRESS 2007    
Eletric Wolfman -lp          DAGGERMAN RECORDS 2009
Eletric Wolfman -cd/lp      ALIEN SNATCH 2009
Dirty Fingernails-cd/lp      12XU RECORDS 2012
Dirty Fingernails-lp           ALIEN SNATCH -European version. 2012
Better Than Goodtimes-Lp 12XU RECORDS 2017 .     ( band broke up this year -sad)
/GOLDEN BOYS singles and comps.
"I Want You" -song on Shaking In My Boots Comp -LICORICE TREE RECORDS 2004.
"Plunger Of Love" -song on Hot Pinball Rock v.2 Extra Ball Records "Multiball #22 cd with magazine." 2004. *also track by Country Teasers on it.
7"incher "Got No Home/Slowdown" -PERPETRATOR RECORDS 2004.
7"incher "Got Time/Cold Hands -SOLID SEXY LOVE DOLL RECORDS 2005.
7"incher "Whiskey Before Sleep" NASTY PRODUCT 2006. - "i dont play on this". 
7"incher "Metal Trash/ Bottom Of The Hole "spilt record with The Limes" BOOM CHICK RECORDS 2007.   
Gonerfest 2 cd/dvd  "Whiskey Bottle " live on dvd. "Whiskey Before Sleep " on the cd. -GONER RECORDS 2006      *James Arthur on drums.
"Older Than You" -song on Casual Victims Pile vol 1.- MATADOR RECORDS.  2011. -recorded by Rob Halverson.
"Sidewalk" -Bring Beer Record Store Comp. -12XU records 2012.
7inchers-JWC singles.
7" The Antiques -Irving Punk records-1996 
7" 4th Of July    -Boom Chick records -2006 has first version of "Summer Of '79".  -with members of "The Barbaras" on this session.
7" Ghetto Blaster/Faith  -Monofonus Press 2007
7" A Clown Gave You A Baby/Mind Over Matter -split with Timmys Organism  -Goner Records 2011
7" Oh Woman/Ramona- split with Gary Stewart "dead honkytonk hero" -Sophomore Lounge Records 2011    *Oh Woman recorded by Vinnie Kirchner from JAILL. 
7" Minor Wes -Sick Thought Records 2011         -"Minor Threat covers by John Wesley Coleman & Friends..really trashy versions." *recorded at the studio of Steal My Mind" by Skyler McGlothlin.        
7" Alone By The Door/I Want You To Be Like Everybody Else- produced by Rob Halverson.   -feat. Leslie Sisson on vocals. -Sophomore Lounge 2012.
7"" Whisper Mountain/everything Gone Grey -Space Case Records 2013.
7"  John Wesley Coleman & The Gaylords -Radio/Aliens 2014 *recorded by Legendary Dean Beadles.
7" Chicken Woman/Hollywood Babylon -Urinal Cake Records 2014 *recorded by Andrew McCalla.
7'' I Feel Like A Sad Clown/I Found A Home -WINDIAN Records 2014*recorded in Denton by Corbin Van Alan
7" LARKIN- 4 way split with Toranovox, Bellringer ( Melvins band member), Flyin Lion 
The Unknown-1992. first band -recorded in studio/lead guitar player. also did a song for a dallas compilation and recorded another record in studio that got lost.
Grasshopper "Live at T-5" 1994. --"my high school band".  *recorded by Jeremy Michelle.
Radio Ate My Brain -Trashcan City Tapes 2011
Bad Lady Goes To Jail/Steal My Mind -Burger Records 2011. "has bonus song *Get Her Back."
Lincoln Nebraska Sessions -CPR 2012.
The Kitty Comp- "one song on Kitty Kat song. 2012"
Weiner Comp-Burger Records 2014
Love That You Own -Burger Records 2014

MEXMODE-Black Tape, Green Tape. 2016-present Evan Kleinecke produced.