Tuesday, April 10, 2018

UPDATE yeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaawwwwww party peace flower

PLAYING this week 2 shows with Spider Bags. Indie Grits festival thursday and Chapel Hill friday.
12th &13th
New Record coming out after the summer is over. On Goliad Records out of Denton, Tx. Thanks Chris!
its called "Cuckoo Bird Sings A Song) produced by Vincent Kircher

Playing next week in Austin with Simon Doom and Sweet Spirit! stoked! April 19th @Sidewinder
Margin Walker productions.

then another show with Austi & Sean Morales Band  
& Nick Allison Players Lounge! May 18th

and following month with Shipla Ray and Rattlesnake Milk May 30th!

about to record new material with my new players until they sick of me haha. Peace yall!

also i got a new Art Gallery called Tin Whistle Art Gallery.  come buy art or hang.

also finishing up documentary on Walter Daniels directed by me and Andy Cambell!

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