Thursday, October 6, 2011


im playing Skinnys Ballroom tonight, saturday im playing frontier bar, sunday im playing at hole in the wall, then friday night oct 14th emos inside with Ripe and Manikin! then hole in the wall again sunday, and then trailer space with golden boys and a solo show with Michael Beach at trailerspace again on 22nd of oct.
Im directing a music video for James Arthur's Manhunt. starting this weekend.
Scoring sound track for jason asenap film in new mexico and for my good friends the Hill Brothers for their film "Buds".
Im working on writing a tv pilot about shitty magicians. Abbracadabra or Hokus Pokus or magic hat.
writing some new tunes.
finishing last details on my novella "Jim Now"
doing art work for my next 2 records the last donkey show and trans am summer blues. both are mastered and ready to go.
doing final mixing for The Golden Boys lp.
putting art and merch up for sale very soon!
dishes are done

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