Tuesday, March 3, 2015

SXSW trash the city fest and make rent more expensive

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog on this here corner of the world wide web. I can write you a song if you like. Hustling melodies for money. for info email me at johnwesleycoleman@gmail.com
i accept paypal. below is a link to buy my new album on Burger Records. I will be playing a lot the next 2 months. So come on out and say hi. i promise to shower and wear clothes. keep a rocking your socks off and washing those dishes-bon voyage-jwc

this a web address to buy the lp

Saturday 7th Hotel Vegas Midnight

Wed 18th 6:30pm
at the DOJO next to Street Legal Guitar Shop thanks to Simon Flory!
then again at BEERLAND Super Secret Records showcase
at 11pm

Thursday at the DOJO "Street Legal Guitar SXS Party!" 4pm rt after JAILL plays! 
Friday Strange Victory/Gnar Tapes party
Daytime 4pm at BEERLAND 

FRIDAY NIGHT not sure of the time, its after 9pm 
at THE GRAND Ben Tipton's Party KISS party 
going to have to learn a KISS song, which is "I Was Made For Loving YOU"


SUNDAY Uncle Dougs Chili Dog Party at Empire Control Room!! i love this every year its awesome. Also supports HAAM. 

Then the weekend after SXSW 
we fly to PASADENA to play with Weezer, Roky Erikson, Black Angels, Gang Of Four, bands that make way more money than i do..etc.....its gonna be fun!!we play Saturday show.

FRIDAY APRIL 3rd at The Blackheart with Jonly Bonly! check em out. great band!
then sometime in april i play an instore at End Of An Ear for my buddy Alan Schaefer new poster book. 
 also finished the MEXMODE RECORD..coming soon..take it easy-jwc


  1. check out my other singles on Space Case Records, WINDIAN, URINAL CAKE, METAL POSTCARDS, GONER RECORDS, MONOFONUS, DAGGERMAN, soon to be Super Secret Records LP,