Saturday, June 29, 2013


Walter Daniels bday bash was a blast!! my companions in crime are bringing the rock. been lucky . also finished recording our new record with Louie Lino!! also premiered the Walter Daniels film that I and Andy Cambell have been working on. Andy Cambell is an excellent filmmaker..nice guy too!!!   its called "My Friend Walter!"
its moving along quite nicely...  so here is a list of show..thanks for the support!! music is fun..FUN!   

  3rd at Beerland
  4th at Ancient Ink Tatoo shop with The YOUNG!  ..4th of july tattoos..and kegs of       beer!!  
   5th Dan Halloways & Tyson's BDAY PARtY at RED 7.
   6th at Hotel Vegas!!  
   19th at Frank with Baby Robots record release show. 

3rd with THE GOLDEN BOYS Show in DALLAS,tx.
4th with THE GOLDEN BOYS early show support Esme record benefit at SPIDERHOUSE.
7th with William Tyler at Mohawk. 
8th with William Tyler at Bryan Street Tavern in Dallas,tx.

see you in the future.  thanks for the support!!!!!!        

Also Sled Island was cancelled due to horrible flooding..disaster. I hope everyone is doing better there in Calgary, AB. For the one show that i got to play was fun!! also enjoyed partying with The Beets!  and i met some really nice folks!!!!! also got to see the Swans play. radical. 

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