Thursday, October 4, 2012

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 whitemysteryThur. Oct. 4, 2012 Rubberneck presents:
White Mystery
Bobby Jealousy
John Wesley Coleman
Gal Pals

Spiderhouse 29th St. Ballroom

just finished another advice column for rubberneck magazine too. also just wrapped up another album with my new band. it is produced by the super awesome bad ass Louie Lino!  at resonate studios.   very analog hippie jammy pop stuff very aged cheese and wine music! julia hungerford on drums , geena spigarelli on bass, yamal saiid on guitar, keys, drums, vocal, louie lino on analog synth and jamey manes on pedal steel. also my friend gladys sings duet with me and geena and julia sing too!!  looking for a label..skateboarding a little and been busy making music videos for my friends bands..just did riverboat gamblers, black forest fire, jail, The Young.. thanks gerard!  also just got done with goner fest and tour with The Golden Boys! about to pay my friends wedding and fun fun fest too! what a blast.. time to exercise!!!  

ghost deer cinema

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