Tuesday, June 5, 2012

www.daggerzine.com nice review thanks!! we gotta come to denver.

The Golden Boys
I’d heard a song by these Austin cats on a previous 12XU comp (CASUAL VICTIM PILE) and liked what I’d heard and now here’s a whole record and I’m happy to say that the Golden Boys have delivered the goods. Wait (the DAGGER research editor just whispered something in my ear) you’re telling me that these guys already have 4 previous records out??!! OK, so where the hell have I been (obviously with my head up my ass and not in ATX). Their frontman is John Wesley Coleman (I reviewed his lately solo record on this very site a month or two back) and I’m not sure there’s anything this guy can’t do and he and his unkempt pals create a hotbed of deep fried, extra greasy rock n’ roll that is nearly impossible not to like. This rousing 11-song record is a hoot from start to finish with musical daggers (heh heh) like opening tune “California” (also a single/video), the catchy “Run Away”, the stompin’ title track, the keyboard-soaked “Outta the Dark”, musical poem “Daddy’s Horsewife’ and the, dare I say, tender (not really) “Didn’t I Tell Ya’ Babe.” That’s just side 1 but trust me, side 2 is just as good. I’d ask these guys to play my wedding if I wasn’t already married so the next best thing is just pray they play Denver before the year’s out (or there will be trouble). DIRTY FINGERNAILS is already on my short list for best records of 2012. www.12xu.net

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