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John Wesley Coleman III - The Last Donkey Show (2012)

John Wesley Coleman is one of our discoveries of last year. Self-proclaimed "trash poet", a member of the Golden Boys with whom he has recorded five albums, the last Dirty Fingernailsreleased this year, John Wesley Coleman is a prolific artist and multi-faceted.
After a disc that has a book of poems, American Trash in 2008, an LP Steal My Mind in 2009, another Bad Lady Goes To Jail in 2010 and this very good EP Personality Pancake last year, the guy comes back with a new LP under his arm, Last Donkey Show,recorded in California in the studios of Greg Ashley.
For completeness, another album was released recently on Monofonus Press, titled Silly Street Nightmare On ... 3 albums in a few months: there is something legitimately feared an artistic breath.

Listening to this LP we say that it will not for now. The beginning of the album is even more flamboyant with "My Grave" drenched keyboards and "A Clown Gave You A Baby" in a similar vein to the recordings of Golden Boys. The hesitant voice (alcoholic?) By John Wesley Coleman has made ​​a very special flavor to these songs that unify them as King Khan & BBQ. But behind this introduction reassuring, John Wesley Coleman is a measure of its potential and its attractiveness to other spheres and musical chapels: "Virgin Queen Mary" while mid-tempo where JWC sings so detached, playing perfectly his Texas troubadour role, while the addictive "Do not Waste My Time" with heady piano chords, enhanced by brass, confirms the ability of man to write beautiful compositions. At worst, even when it's not excellent, it has the ability to add madness to medium pieces like "The Howling"where he teaches in the sub-Leg James Version Solitary Pleasure .

The B side is even more relaxed, John Wesley Coleman appears freewheeling, with "The Last Donkey Show" at the organ, "Country Song" an absolute coolness even though we may regret its very classical while that "Hanging Around" eyeing the side of the Strange Boys and "She's Like Dracula" to Jonathan Richman. If this side is eminently cool friendly on many titles, it is difficult to get excited about the end of the spinning disc somewhat round, John Wesley Coleman pretending that falter on "Running Into The Bulls", dragging despite good ideas (his voice is coupled with a female voice) or "Flower In The Dark", folk ballad to announce the perfect nap time ...

Less essential, more disjointed than the last album of Golden Boys, Last Donkey Show is a record of very good that finally wearing leg of its author, John Wesley Coleman touches everything, who tried his hand at various styles with more varying degrees of success but a desire to do well which is worth many talents.


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