Monday, June 11, 2012

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John Wesley Coleman & Morgan Coy – Nightmare on Silly Street LP (Monofonus Press)

I know that people put out JWC records because they love the guy’s music (and probably the guy himself). I’ve had a tough time entering the space required to get me to where they are, but the first side ofNightmare on Silly Street is the closest I’ve come, a bare and personal statement by an artist who lets you look deep inside his head, despite the dangers of that the outside world can bring to that kind of open space. Where previous efforts like Little Miss Keith Richards sounded like wild and spontaneous stabs into medicated, whiskey-saturated nothingness, there is real heart and a fragility to songs like “Psychiatrist” that transfers onto the artist himself. Side A is all Coleman’s finished originals, probably enough of this for one sitting, while side B is comprised of re-edited versions of each song by Morgan Coy, sourced from the four-track cassette recordings used to make these songs, and enough for two leftovers. It’s an interesting treatment for sure, but not necessarily one that makes it any more clear as to where  exactly Wes is coming from. At least half of this record is recommended. (
(Doug Mosurock)

nice words..uhmm some clarity..
  the songs have been rerecorded by morgan coy. thats the concept. also concept of neighborhood chaos..thieves, gangsters, animals, ghohs, punk rockers, etc...psychiatrist is one of my favorites!-keeping austin weird since never

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