Wednesday, May 2, 2012

review the review. i like this one. how did he/she know i was a MMA fighter. and what is that? wow killer bra GREE

John Wesley Coleman III Alone By The Door / I Want You To Be Like Everybody Else 7″ (Sophomore Lounge)
When I think “commercial pop suicide”, like it says on the back cover of this 7″, I think Metal Machine Music, or that silly improvised Van Morrison album, not the amiable homespun folk of John Wesley Coleman (the third). Add some cutesy synth bleeps behind a track like “Alone By The Door” and you’ve got the soundtrack to an iPad commercial, for crying out loud! Inappropriate (or ironic) message aside, this single has confirmed my suspicion that the music of JWCIII just isn’t for me – the melodies are too precious and limp, and when it all comes down to it, I just don’t care for his voice. For all I know, Coleman could be a trained MMA fighter, but he sings like a sniffly pencil-neck affecting a country twang, which simply isn’t my cup of tea. B-side “I Want You To Be Like Everybody Else” is better, but the track isn’t over before I realize I am listening to it out of obligation, not enjoyment. Apparently he has half a dozen solo albums coming out in the next month or two, so while I might be one of the few people who isn’t paying thousands of dollars to support his mission, I have to follow my heart on this one. review. 

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