Wednesday, May 23, 2012


nice review...thank you..Blurt ...lester bangs?

John Wesley Coleman Reviewed By Blurt.

John Wesley Coleman's Last Donkey Show received an 8 star album review from Blurt online today.

Published  May 21st 2012:
Sired by a lineage of Texas weirdos from Roky Erickson to Gibby Haynes, painter/author/poet/comedian/filmmaker John Wesley Coleman III delivers his definitive artistic statement as a musician on his excellent third solo LP.

Recorded both at a friend's cabin deep in the Lone Star State wilderness and in Oakland, California at Creamery Studio with producer and neo-psych wunderkind Greg Ashley, The Last Donkey Show finds the former Golden Boy from Austin prominently showcasing the R&B and country undertones that exists within his quirky brand of lo-fi garage punk on key cuts like AM Radio-channeling "Animal Bed," the soulful, Band-esque "The Howling" and Roky rollicking "She's Like Dracula".

It's a sound that suggests Hallowed Ground-era Violent Femmes if they were more influenced by the Sir Douglas Quintet than the Modern Lovers, solidifying the promise of Coleman's earlier studio efforts that any fan of the Goner label will undoubtedly appreciate." - words by Blurt.

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