Tuesday, May 22, 2012


John Wesley Coleman
"Last Donkey Show"
Coleman, also known as one of the guitarists and songwriters in the Golden Boys, possesses the sort of prolificacy for which lesser songwriters would straight up sell their soul to the devil. Year in and year out, the guy produces song after absurdly catchy song, shedding them like leaves off a tree. He can deliver frantic garage pop ("My Grave"), catchy songs with extremely disturbing titles ("A Clown Gave You a Baby"), stuff that sounds a bit like Jonathan Richman about Catholic girls ("Virgin Mary Queen"). He can get his croon on ("The Howling"), cry in his beer over honky-tonk women ("Misery Again") and party like the undead ("She's Like Dracula"). And the closing ballad, "Flower in the Dark," is an impressive trick — it's simply "My Grave" given the ballad treatment and the extent to which both songs work perfectly is a testament to Coleman's often-staggering talent. Full of guff and vinegar, wide-eyed enthusiasm for the unvarnished power of the rock language, "Last Donkey Show" is a thrill. I can't remember the last time a songwriter has played on two albums that will be in my year-end Austin top 10. Surely this will end up on yours as well.
— Joe Gross

Thanks joe!! -jwc i like this review.

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