Tuesday, April 24, 2012


John Wesley Coleman III
Had received this Austin dude’s previous record from the Goner label and liked it quite a bit (had never heard of him before that) so was pleased as punch when I got this one. He looks like the kinda guy who would look good in a Nudie suit, just add a few rhinestones to what he is wearing on the drawing of him on the cover and he’d be all set. Coleman’s music is a wiggy mix of garage, pop and soul with a slight hint of western throw in for good measure (and apparently , in addition to being a musician, he has taken the stage as an artist, poet, comedian and possibly a few other things so in my book that counts him as a renaissance man, too). Again, Coleman is a bit of a unique mix, not really fitting completely into the garage rocker category but not a pop maven either but the can write a damn good song. The songs kick, pump and swing and it’s hard not to get swept up in his preacher-like fervor. Try on tunes like “A Clown Gave You a Baby” or “Don’t Waste My Time” on for size and I guarantee they’ll fit just right (unless you have crappy taste in music in which case you should just go away). He also lassoed in players of the French Horn, pedal steel, sax and a few other instruments I may not be aware of. If you’re bored with life and looking for that next big adventure then go out and buy this record. It just may change your life.www.goner-records.com daggerzine review

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