Friday, April 27, 2012

review the review

im gonna start reviewing my reviews. thats how retarded I am now. just gonna do it. its fun.  a great review was written in the latest Maximum Rock and Roll zine. about the Last Donkey Show. awesome review. thanks dude!
 a very bad review and poorly written and thought out review was written in the austin Chronicle a few weeks ago. about the new Golden Boys record and 2 of my records all in one review. the dude even wrote about a song that wasn't even the right title "words" ..he wrote the ..."the tile track Out of the park etc.." its supposed to be Out Of The dark.. idiot. how much do you get paid to write shit...because i can write shit right? i mean elementary bad shit language. oh we'll shut up and skate-jwc...

so now i review reviews.


  1. i wanna be a guest review reviewer. have yr ppl talk to my ppl so the other ppl will green light this go

  2. I found that review extraordinarily simple and unreflective of the increasing strength of your oeuvre. The Last Donkey Show is a work aligned with moments of sheer beauty and the shambolic violence that comprise the greatest works of rock and roll. I believe that Animal Bed, The Howling, and The Last Donkey Show are a triptych of the lament of children: innocent, tragically compelling, and horrific to share. And while I think the current Golden Boys record sacrifices the sonic density of the most capable of barroom troubadours for a more restrained approach apropos of Jackson Browne's "The Pretender," it nevertheless is a record that captivates with its songwriting and glistening musicality.