Sunday, December 4, 2011

SHOWS for December

I WANNA BE YOUR DOG IIghohodduhdhihdidihhG

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  1. playing benefit for dogs/xmas party at 29th ballroom sat 17th. doing iggy pop covers.
    playing Gerard's BdAy Bash! Beerland December 18th. !!with Fleshlights and Simple Circuit. free show!
    Headling Emos inside dec 26th . Free! last show ever at emus for me. they close their doors after new years. bummer. times a changing for some pockets of gold coins. yuppies.
    in januarary laying free week at Red 7 on jan 5th and again at Beauty Bar jan 25th! rock an roll. eat yer vitamins. also new Golden Boys album is complete. its called Dirty Fingernails. rad bone!