Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Terminal Boredom Review of Steal My Mind

John Wesley Coleman III "Steal My Mind" LP

This thing has subtly become one of my most-listened to LPs of recent vintage somehow. Not sure how it happened. It's a real sidler. A go-to record for when you're just sitting around drinking and smoking cigarettes with a couple pals. It pulls up a chair along with you and takes a nip and a drag and gets comfortable. Sort of what you'd expect from a guy who covers Warren Zevon and Lester Bangs. Boozy and sun-baked rock-n-roll Americano played loose and gutsy. I think "Steal My Mind" is actually stealing a J.Mascis guitar hook. Actually reminds one of the Meat Pups in passages and surprisingly poppy in a rough-n-tumble way. What I wanted Golden Boys to sound like a lot of times. "Bad Lady" is the perfect combo of sax, beer and shitkicking. Country-singed and essentially turkey-free. "Tonight" opens with throbbing style and "Liqour Store" closes the first side with what I can only call completely stoned Seventies pop-rock. Depressing at times, yet upliftingly so in some strange way. I'm going to get a lot of use out of this LP over the summer. I can already smell the warm dusky breeze wafting through the yard, perfumed by the smell of the earlier BBQ and the beginning of a campfire, me, my bros, my dog, a cooler full of beer and the untapped evening waiting to unfold. Great fucking record, no bullshit. 500 copies. (RK)
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