Tuesday, August 31, 2010


SMASHIN' TRANSISTORS: JOHN WESLEY COLEMAN "Summer Of '79" 7inch EP: It's always the quiet ones ya gotta watch out for, huh? Wes is a man of, well maybe saying of few words is not 100% exactly the description I am thinking but his words are well chosen & soft spoken and add a bit to any conversation but he never has to overstate himself. He's the kind of guy who you find yourself standing around a late night fire with, enjoying some burgers on seared on a grill manned by a bandmate and talk about things like living and losing and fishing and rocking for hours while passing around a bottle of bourbon. As a member of the Golden Boys, he's quite the opposite of off stages impressions as he, closed eyes and wearing his heart on his sleeve bloody cuffs and all, shows he can croon a weeper about pickling your soul in alcohol is one way to ease the pain as well as he can scream through a tornado of chicken scratching feedback and bashing drums. On this solo undertaking he uses a little and makes a whole lotta commotion. Slippery sliding guitar moans, an organ liberated from a roller rink with it's floorboards dry rotted from spilled cherry Cokes and rat piss and tin can drums get in a free for all rumble of 70's glam pop and deepwoods trash bop on the "Summer of '79" with Wes chewing on the question 'Why ya be the Rolling Stones/Do you think that is rock-n-roll". Theme park tail chasing meets teen tragedy when the Wooo-Oo-Oo-Oo's come in. Next, "Work Today" comes crashing in sorta outta tune and off rhythm with a undulating Black Lips take a stab at a Byrds "8 Miles High" raga run wiggles in and out at proper moments.

The b-sides "Intro" it's as if the same organ that was acquired on "Summer Of 79" fell off the back of an old Dodge truck en route from a session on an 1940's radio soap opera to a storefront church with a congregation of wino's who don't really pay attention to the preaching Wesley's doing (but will hang out for the heated room and free cookies). He then sends them back out to the sidewalk though when he turns it up again and starts speaking in the rock-n-roll tongues of "Goodbye Little Queenie", a demon exorcising mash up of what side one offers up along with a little bit more hot sauce.

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